Who are the people behind the "van Juttersburch" Chow - Chows? Who are the pe We are Jack and Tineke van der Heide-Das. We live in Gasselternijveen,a small village on the north eastern border of the country situated near Stadskanaal in the Netherlands. As far as both our childhood memories go there has always been a Chow-Chow or a very similar dog complete with blue tongue and lion appearance in our lives.In the mid- seventies, on an afternoon walk through the town we used to live in, we came across the first Chow-Chow we would own together. We looked at each other and the Chow and decided that she would be ours.Soon after we bought a second one._ople behind the "van Juttersburch" Chow - Chows? Our first encounter with a smooth Chow-Chow was in 1979. It was love at first sight. Only did we not know that this variety was rather rare and that before owning a smooh we needed some extreme patience.After a visit to a breeder we were finally put on a list that gives us the right to a bitch. It was not until early 1987 that the puppy bitch Tanlap Sleek Tinka came over from Oxford (GB) to us. She stayed with us until death did us part in August 1998.Tinka was the first one we took to dogshows all over The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. After receiving a championship in The Netherlands and Luxembourg she decided that she had had enough of dogshows. In the meantime our older rough chows had passed away so we had room for new (smooth) chow-chows.They were the Souh-African dark red Kirsten Flagstaf of Roseneath and the black Norwegian Mai-Ko-Chow's Lobke. They arrived in 1988 and 1989. Much to our regret Kirsten did not have any puppies, so all our hope was placed on Lobke.Fortunately Lobke turned out to be an excellent breeding bitch and she became the ancestress of the 'van Juttersburch clan'.
van Juttersburch.